Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Redeemed Girl blog has moved

Dear Readers (all four of you!)
The RGM blog has moved. Never fear...we are still in business, we've just made a few changes here at Redeemed Girl Ministries. Please visit www.redeemedgirl.org and you will find many new and exciting changes. For starters, we now have two blogs (just to keep things interesting, and to keep you on your toes.)

The first is called "transformation." Here you will find weekly teachings from me (Marian) and an exciting new team of writers. We will also post teaching videos to this site on a regular basis.
In addition to the "transformation" blog, you will also find the "RGM news" blog. Here, we will post stories from our great adventures as we travel around telling women about Jesus.

Of course, there is a handy RSS feed so you can get the latest blogs when they are posted.

Please take time to browse the new site, we would love your feedback. We sure are proud of our new baby!

For His Glory,

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